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Amex Small Business Targeting

American Express launched a mobile out-of-home campaign using a convoy of Digivans to target medium to small business. This raised awareness of Amex’s annual #ShopSmall campaign on a one-to-one level with cardholders.

Our dedicated mapping team worked with American Express to ensure the campaign reached its objectives and that every partner business received coverage.

Digivans booked with Mobile Media Group have 100% share of voice for the client and captivate audiences with impactful imagery, video or livestreamed content.

American Express Digivan convoy outside shopping high street
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Every year we’re challenged by the client to include a new and relevant OOH solution for Amex’s #ShopSmall December campaign. The inclusion of Digivans provided stand-out messaging and contextual high street support to London’s independent businesses, having carefully planned vehicle routes and the ability to park the moving billboards outside of small shops, gave our campaign an extra edge this year.


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