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Out of Home Advertising

Outdoor Advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week,

Mobile Media Group provide the market’s leading Out Of Home

advertising services, specialised in reaching audiences

on the move and capitalising on brand PR opportunities.

From our flagship Digital and Print advertising vans to our eco-friendly Adbikes and

Pedicabs, our out of home advertising services have been a staple in the industry for over thirty

years. We offer a solution to match every campaign objective. Contact the team today on

01202 590005 or email

Single-Sided Digivans

Sporting a sleek, low profile design, to enhance advertisers’ 100% share of voice. Larger, brighter, higher resolution screens to highlight your message.

Cleaner, greener Euro 6 engines and natural gas generators make this our most sustainable large format option.

Our most popular outdoor advertising format, trusted by regular clients AmazonAmerican ExpressBBCFacebookGov UK, and more.

Triple-Sided Digivan

Featuring 270° of Ultra HD, edge-to-edge display; making for the largest screen fitted to any Digivan.

Reach audiences on all angles, targeting vehicle traffic and pedestrians in high street environments.

Trusted by Jack Daniel’s, BP, Popeyes, Pure Gym, and KFC.


Adbikes are a part of our net-zero carbon campaigning group, operation is organically carbon-neutral and despatch travel is completely carbon offset with Ecologi.

Trusted by regular clients Oxfam, Sony Music, SkittlesM&SDeliveroo, and more.

Advert Walkers

Our most flexible format, Advert Walkers are perfect for targeting pedestrian areas and high streets.

A unique and eye-catching format, engagement, and experience are at the centre of campaigns.

Trusted by regular clients such as Metro BankWickes and Morrisons.


Offer travel to your target audience from their commuter stations to their target location.

Our bespoke seating can accommodate up to two people at a time, and makes our Pedicabs the perfect format for your close-proximity event targeting.

Used by exceptional clients such as, Sony MusicAmerican Express and StarzPlay.

Promotional Staff

Our staff are at the core of every service we provide, offering a ‘face’ to every format.

Managing a nationwide network of staff, all our vetted Brand Ambassadors are trained on site, and then thoroughly briefed on your campaign goals.

Trusted by hundreds of clients every year such as WickesLego DotsMetro BankTakisSnickers, and more.

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