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Promotional Staff

Vetted, Trained, Briefed, Motivated

Our staff are at the core of every service we provide, offering a face to every format.

Managing a nationwide network of staff, all our vetted Brand Ambassadors are trained on site, and then thoroughly briefed on your campaign goals. Experienced and motivated, every staff member on our network is confident in creating brand experiences.

Trusted by hundreds of clients every year such as Wickes, Lego DotsMetro BankTakis, Snickers, and more.

  • National availability
  • Affordable brand experiences
  • Commute/travel carbon offset with Ecologi
  • Distribute 1,000 leaflets/samples per BA per day.
  • Can be equipped with Advert Walker boards.
Person pointing at screen
Briefing Form
Takis Experiential staff handing out a sample to commuters
Media Gallery
Specsavers promotional staff handing out leaflets
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