Carbon Neutral by 2030 - Mobile Media Group

Carbon Neutral by 2030

Published: 15 February 2022

Carbon Neutral by 2030

​As the UK’s longest-standing mobile out-of-home media owner, we’re committed to pioneering sustainable green initiatives whenever and wherever we work. Our unique position in the out-of-home industry means we have complete accountability for our formats, depots, staff, and offices.

We want to be fully transparent with our clients. Information on each of our formats’ carbon footprint is now readily available, alongside details of how we’re succeeding with reducing and offsetting our impact.

When it comes to our fleet, we are focused on sustainable, replicable solutions that reduce our organic carbon footprint. Following the redesign of our Digivans in 2021, we’re already looking forward to our third iteration; with even more efficient screen panels, generators, engines, and aerodynamics.

People First Formats

Our staff are at the core of our campaigns. Every out-of-home service we provide comes with an experienced brand ambassador. Our AdbikeAdvert walker, and Pedicab formats showcase this fully, that’s why you can expect these formats to be our greenest. All operation on a campaign is organically carbon-neutral, and despatch is carbon offset to boot.

New Partnerships

To achieve our carbon offsetting goals for 2021 and 2022, we have partnered with ClimateCare and Ecologi.

With ClimateCare, we have offset over 320,000 miles of travel, that’s equal to 1,100 tonnes of CO2e reduction. Our investment into this partnership comes under the Mixed Global Portfolio’, supporting projects with “the most sustainable development impact”. Every campaign we carried out in 2021 has now been completely carbon offset through this initiative.

For 2022 we’ve committed to Ecologi’s ‘Climate Positive Workforce’ initiative, here you can visit our impact page to track our progress. This is calculated from campaign data from 2021 and will be offset as a monthly average, providing quick and accurate offsetting. To be specific, this initiative ensures that all our staff’s travel, home, food, hobbies, and even holidays footprints are completely offset. This includes the use of our fleet, covering all campaigns booked with MMG from the 1st of January 2022.

Digital Development

In April 2021, we soft-launched the second generation of our Digivans. Sporting natural gas generators, efficient Euro 6 engines, brighter, larger screens, and an updated design to keep eyes on our clients’ messages. And as we look forward to the next generation, we’re focused on pioneering sustainable green technologies for mobile out-of-home.