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Award Winning Dogs Trust Billboard Case Study

Dogs Trust wished to raise awareness of the rapidly growing puppy smuggling trade, opting for experiential in the briefing process to create conversation and maximum impressions to the issue.

Constructing a 48 sheet billboard covered by plush toy puppies, we provided a dynamic solution to achieve the campaign’s goals. As passers-by interacted with the billboard, taking plush puppies with them, a hard hitting message was revealed beneath.

In the first day, 17,000 members of the public took notice of the experiential billboard. Within hours, all 750 puppies were taken, and the campaign had gained national news coverage.

Dogs Trust experiential billboard with plush dogs attached
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The campaign exceeded the client’s expected impressions and media value, reaching major media outlets including news channels and online newspapers.


At the annual Drum out-of-home awards, the campaign took gold for the Creative Out Of Home Awards for ‘Best Traditional Special Build’.

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