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Butterkist Award Winning London PR

Digivans are the best mobile out of home has to offer for capturing PR opportunities, reaching where traditional formats cannot. Butterkist utilised Digivans for delivering a shareable “Here for the Drama” message to London’s centre of politics, armed up with two of our finest promotional staff for sampling and interaction with the public.

As standard, Digivans booked with Mobile Media Group have 100% share of voice, allowing for full motion copy or static imagery, the client has full control in the execution of their campaign.

The campaign won the gold award in the FAB’s Awards 2022 in the Guerilla Marketing category.

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Butterkist Digivan driving past building
Case Study

“The PR shots and the results were brilliant, with the Butterkist work on the van having an OTS of 86 million, and we could not have done it without the MMG team!”

– St Luke’s, Creative Digital Agency

Many took to social media to post their experiences, sharing their love for the campaign and buzz around the heart of London.

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