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Prime Video Streaming Promotion

Amazon advertised on our Digivans to promote the release of Borat 2 streaming on Prime Video, targeting areas with high footfall around various cities across the UK.

Targeting six major cities in a national campaign, as part of our service, we take care to produce a route strategy that focused the campaign objectives. As a result, the campaign reached over 192,000 people offline and extending impressions to social media with PR images.

As standard, Digivans booked with Mobile Media Group have 100% share of voice for the client and captivate audiences with impactful imagery, video or livestreamed content.

Prime Video Digivan campaign on tower bridge
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The Borat Digivans with MMG across the UK really helped to create excitement and anticipation of the film’s release on Prime Video. It was great to see the campaign showcased with so many famous and iconic British landmarks in the background.



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