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Renewal Programme Political Awareness

#StaySettledInNewham, a locally driven political campaign, was formed to raise awareness of a hard 30th June deadline. EU Nationals who had not completed the EU Settlement Scheme before this date faced losing their right to live and work in the UK.

Advans offered a cost-effective solution to a political movement in a critical period, featuring triple sided artwork highlighting the issue with the residents of Newham. Due to this eye-catching creative, the message spread to national news and exceeded value expectations.

As our longest standing platform, Backlit Advans have 100% share of voice for the client, allowing for complete exposure from all angles.

People walking past Renewal Programme Advan
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“I am genuinely beyond grateful for all the help and support I received with this. This particular project ended on the 30th June, and I became absolutely swamped with press and publicity. We even had two journalists contact us on the back of them seeing the van driving around.”

Victoria Gottschalk @ Renewal Programme


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