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Nisa Store Support

In the closing months of 2020, this new Nisa franchise opened its doors to a mild reception. Nisa worked with us to support the store, boosting awareness on a local level with a trusted format in Digivans.

The campaign’s main goals revolved around driving sales, and reaching the close-knit community that made up their target audience.

Digivans booked with Mobile Media Group have 100% share of voice for the client and captivate audiences with impactful imagery, video or livestreamed content.

Nisa store support Digivan campaign in town centre
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Nisa seized the strengths of Digivans utilising full motion video to capture their audience’s attention, pushing promotions currently taking place.


As a result, the highly targeted campaign led to a hard increase in sales numbers.

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Friday Sales (WC; 27/11 vs WC; 20/11)

+ 0 %

Weekly Sales (WC; 23/11 vs WC; 16/11)

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