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KFC Case Study

In March 2021, KFC utilised our Digivans to build up anticipation for the return of its ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan.

We built a route strategy that captured all the key target locations across London, while ensuring that the positioning of Digivans was as effective as possible to provide the client with the highest value photo opportunities in-situ as well as drive PR for the campaign.

As our flagship format, Digivans can exploit the use of creative imagery, full motion video or live-streamed content, giving clients 100% share of voice with Mobile Media Group.

KFC PR Digivan outside of a McDonalds at night
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Last summer, we had to pause the use of our iconic Finger Lickin’ Good slogan, as it had probably become pretty much the most inappropriate slogan in the world. As we awaited its epic return, we decided to spread our wings and borrow some other iconic slogans, just to try for size in the meantime. #Untilwecanfingerlickagain was a short, sharp campaign with a fun combination of creative execution and cheeky media placement, which saw ambient media moving around key central London locations. The Digivans were so impactful, and played a really central role in bringing the playful, irreverent tone of the campaign to life. Alongside some paid media spots, we saw great social media engagement and earned coverage, with loads of other brands getting involved and lending us their slogans! We hope we raised a few smiles and got everyone excited for the return of our iconic tag line.

Mark Cheevers @ PR & Social Media Lead at KFC UK and Ireland

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