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Available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, & Leeds

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Our flagship format, the Digivan, is the ultimate tool for brand building in a recession. Featuring 12.5sqm of digital advertising screen, capable of full motion video, stereo audio, 100% share of voice, and more; ready to mobilise to any position.

Target the heart of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds or anywhere in the UK. Position your creative next to landmarks or events to generate a buzz around your message.

Carbon-neutral campaigning, capitalised on by the BBC, KFC, Butterkist, Channel 4, Pringles, and more…


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Increased effectiveness when using contextual messaging

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Higher impact while using creative that evolves over time

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Of 18-34s like seeing creative OOH being shared on social media

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Digivan Features

  • Highly targeted campaigns.
  • Bespoke route strategy provided.
  • Video & audio enabled.
  • Natural Gas Screen Power Generators.
  • ULEZ Euro 6 Engines.
  • 342g CO2e per km, carbon offset with Ecologi.


BMW Digivan campaign on the roadside in Kings Lynn
Artwork Spec
Person on a bike going past red digital screen
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Pets At Home campaign with Digivans for store support in Handforth
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