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MMG’s 5-Minute Guide to Making The Most of 3D Anamorphic

Published: 27 June 2024

It’s the rising trend that’s got creatives excited and customers highly engaged. So here’s our 5-minute guide to when to choose it; how to use it and what it can do for your clients.


What is 3D?

It’s an optical illusion effect which can persuade viewers they’re experiencing a 3D version of a 2D creative. The technique is also known as ‘naked eye’, ‘forced perspective’ or ‘3D anamorphic’.


What makes Anamorphic creatives so effective?

Imagine you’re coming across an ad that appears to jump out towards you, that’s why this technique is so effective. It works by ‘warping reality’, creating 3D spaces that come out towards the audience. And it really works. Just look at some of the stats.

When experiencing a 3D anamorphic ad:

  • 70% of 18-34s are more likely to want to see the ad again [Grand Visual]
  • 68% of viewers reported seeing the ad as “more premium,” while 66% said they are “more likely to buy the product” [BCN Visuals/MFour Mobile Research]
  • 55% of survey-takers said they were likely to film a 3D anamorphic ad then share it with friends online (58%) or share in person (50%) [BCN Visuals/MFour Mobile Research]
  • 33% of customers describe 3D OOH campaigns as innovative [Opinium Research]

Where do anamorphic creatives work best?

They can be placed in a huge variety of spaces. You just need to achieve the ‘optimal viewing position’ for the creative to be experienced at its best. This angle is achieved by 3D programs rendering out the artwork to match the human eyeline before being adjusted to match the artwork spec.


Here are just a few examples of the opportunities available:

  • PR campaigns outside of London’s top landmarks
  • Retail parks for store support
  • Close proximity Adjacking
  • Experiential Spaces
  • Fan engagement for events

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to test artwork?

All 3D creatives require a test day pre-campaign. This way, we can ensure the 3D illusions runs smoothly, allowing for any necessary artwork adjustments.


Are static creatives possible, and is there an Anamorphic artwork specification?

Yes, but we recommend full motion copy to create the illusion of the creative jumping out of the screen. Our anamorphic Edge artwork specification is viewable here.

Do you design 3D anamorphic creatives or recommend certain creative agencies?

We are unable to produce 3D creatives in-house, nor do we recommend specific creative agencies.

How does the creative look from different angles?

The 3D illusion only works when looking at the ad from one specific angle – the optimal viewing perspective (see below). But customers can still clearly see the screens’ advertisement from any perspective.

[Left Angle]             [Optimal Viewing Position]             [Back Angle]

What is the best practice for using the third screen? And is this a part of the 3D creative?

We recommend using the third screen for full motion or static creatives, separate to the 3D visual. As the 3D illusion only works from one perspective, it’s not possible to have all three screens as part of the 3D creative.